The Punisher is modeled after antique motorcycle machines that features sleek aerodynamic look, laced wheels, matching front and rear tires, narrow turned-down handlebars, minimum capotage and no fenders.
The only original OEM parts on this motorcycle are the frame and drivetrain.

As per the antique motorcycle syle, the Punisher is equipped with only one seat for a single rider and has been stripped of any unnecesary items to reduce weight and improve economy.   

   The double-barrel shotgun exhaust was custom designed and built to fit this particular project. The header wrap was applied in two layers to protect the rider from the heat of the exhaust gases.

Air is supplied to the motor via the dog-dish style air cleaner which has been fitted with a custom retainer nut that features the Punisher skull.

On the port side, the wet primary drive has been replaced with a dry motor plate, dry clutch in an open basket and the famous 85mm (3.35") belt drive.
All safety covers have been foregone for this project to show off the full belt in its original beauty.

   On the accessories side, a small cargo baggie was installed on the front forks, just below the headlight. It serves not only a practical purpose of carrying small amount of cargo, tools and the custom show license plate, it also functions as a visual element to fill the gap between the front wheel and the lower T on the forks.

The handle bar levers are of a bone design to add to the whole desired custom look of the machine.   

   The Punisher would not be complete without a few skull logos features on different parts of the machine, either obvious and easily recognizable or hidden away and lurking stealthily.

The mirrors also complement the whole design with their pointy look and under-bar placement.

At the same time, the forward foot controls not only fit in with the desired look but provide great function positioned far forward for the uncomfortable stretched rider experience.

Note: Foot controls, handebars and the seat are custom tailored to the client and their body to achieve the desired riding position.

   The rear wheel, without a fender to fit into the desired antique look, is identical to the front wheel and both tires are also of vintage style.

Oil in an air-cooled engine benefits from all cooling so an oil cooler fitted under the rider seat allows the engine to run a little cooler, especially in the hot southern climate.

The custom show license plate complements the project nicely while at the same time protecting the owner's identity from the public.